Acer Readies You for a Windows Vista Future - Today !

Welcome to the Acer Windows Vista™ driver download page. Here you can download updated BIOS, driver and application files for Microsoft's new operating system: Windows Vista™.

Before upgrading your Acer system to Windows Vista™, please make sure your system is Windows Vista™ Capable.

A Windows Vista™ Capable PC must meet the following requirements :

  • A modern processor (at least 800 MHz)

  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM)

  • A DirectX 9 capable graphics processor (GPU)

Windows Vista™ Detailed Upgrade Guidelines & FAQ
Windows Vista™ After Upgrade Technical FAQ


To obtain additional information/support concerning Vista upgrade, click the below URL for the countries closest to you :

Note: Please note that not all models are Vista capable. You can check at this URL.


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